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Our Vision for ICT


  • Equal opportunities to access ICT (Information & Communication Technologies).
  • Develop digital skills via symbols, images, graphics, text, sound, music and video to support communication and learning.
  • Empower pupils to communicate and learn with ICT via computers and assistive devices, e.g. touch screens, switches, iPads, Eye Gaze.
  • Work with SLT to identify pupils who may benefit from high-tech AAC*.
  • Enable AAC* users to communicate functionally at school and at home.
  • E-safeguarding of confidential information.
  • E-safety: use devices and internet safely.
  • Improve provision of ICT: enhancing sensory exploration, cross-curricular teaching, and individual learning targets.
  • Parental guidance on available ICT resources and supporting applications for funding.
  • Encourage pupils’ access to ICT beyond the school to nurture the full potential of digital skills. 


  • Promote and share professional development of digital skills.
  • Welcome requests for help from ICT Support and colleagues.
  • Training opportunities to increase skills in identified areas.
  • Improve confidence to use ICT with students for learning and communication.
  • Evaluate students’ progress in ICT.
  • Encourage a positive culture of celebrating ICT attainment within, and beyond, the school.
  • E-safeguarding of confidential information, including encrypted data and respect for school privacy on social media sites.
  • E-safety: support our students to access the internet under supervision; safe use of equipment. 


School website: our main public resource for promoting all aspects of school life, inc. teaching and learning, school services, FOM (Friends of Mapledown), current activities and events for parents, students and visitors.

Social Media: our Facebook and Twitter pages invite conversation about the school and upcoming events to the wider world.

Managed Learning Environment: our secure online portal for providing: individual pupil portfolios of annual progress, inc. pupil reports, targets and annual reviews; confidential information to school governors and stakeholders.

Outreach: supporting our parents, fellow professionals and the community with advice on all aspects of ICT.