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Medical Matters

When a pupil becomes unwell at school, we will contact you and ask you to collect your child. Because of the vulnerability of some of our pupils, parents are asked not to send their children into school when suffering from heavy colds, flu etc. 

If a pupil has diarrhoea, or is vomiting, we ask that they remain at home for at least 48 hours after symptoms have ceased to ensure a full recovery and prevent further contagion.  

If  a pupil has a raised temperature or is clearly unwell, we ask that they remain at home for at least 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased.
If your child is on a course of antibiotics and unwell, we ask that they remain at home for 48 hours or until recovered.

If your child is on antibiotics, and/or other medication but has no obvious ‘symptoms’, school should be informed regarding the medication and for what purpose it is being taken.  Parents should make themselves available to be contacted during this time space if needed. If it is necessary to send in medication for a pupil, please ensure it is sent into school in the original container, labelled with the Pharmacist’s instructions the child’s name, and a clear expiry date.  The medicine needs to be accompanied by a consent form.  These are available from the school nurse.  Please hand the medication to the escort who will take it directly to the school office.

Please let the school know if your child has been given Calpol (or any other pain relief or other medication) at home before being sent in.

If your child has a severe epileptic seizure or medical treatment prior to coming to school, please be sure that she/he will be able to cope in a busy classroom without one-to-one support before you send her/him in.

A day at home is often beneficial after a hospital admission for illness, but not after tests or checkups.

If your child has head lice, please inform the school.

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