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The Physiotherapy service at Mapledown is provided at the discretion of Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust. The service aims to help pupils achieve maximum mobility, function and independence within the limits of their disability and general health.

All pupils are assessed for mobility and function on arrival at school. Advice on suitable activities and equipment is given to the pupil, staff at school and of course, to the carers at home. A mobility management programme will be developed and administered in different ways but usually incorporated into the school day as an integrated programme. They can be given by Teachers and Learning Support Assistants under the guidance of the Physiotherapist or Physiotherapy Assistant.

Each class has a Physiotherapy book with general suggestions for all pupils and specific programmes for those requiring treatment. Treatment can vary from exercises to be incorporated into a P.E. or swimming session, application of splints, positioning in equipment to specific hands-on treatment and advice on general mobility.

Each programme is specific to its owner as each pupil has specific needs. It is to be understood that many of our pupils have been unable to follow the ‘normal’ pattern of development and therefore have problems with bone density and tight musculature which may have created skeletal deformities. Treatment for all pupils will have been designed to take into account these problems and will be monitored by the Physiotherapist at all times.

Physiotherapy interventions may include any of the following:

  • Instruction in appropriate positioning, exercise or physical activity to be integrated into the school day or for use at home.
  • Mobility advice and supply of appropriate equipment – inclusion in P.E. sessions, MOVE (Mobility Opportunities via Education ) or specific programmes as appropriate.
  • Continuing advice and training for carers regarding mobility programmes.
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Liaison with parents / carers at school, home visits, respite care homes ( as appropriate )
  • Attendance at relevant clinics either at Mapledown or at Hospital sites e.g. Wheelchairs, Orthotics, Consultants visits.
  • Referral to other professionals or multidisciplinary working with the other Health professionals on site.

Attendance at reviews, as appropriate

Tel: 0208 455 4111  ext. 239