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MOVE is a programme that enables both children and adults to master the skills of sitting, standing and walking long after the usual developmental stage has passed.

The MOVE programme involves not only the student, but their family, friends, and all those who work with them. At Mapledown we do this by communicating with parents and other stakeholders at annual reviews. We ask what their wishes are in terms of their child’s mobility and what long term goals they would like to see their child achieve, not only in mobility, but also in other areas of the curriculum. We then set smaller goals in order to start to progress towards the long term goals discussed.

We ensure we practice these skills in a functional and motivating way and in a way that makes sense to the student, for example, walking to the office to collect the register, not just practicing walking as an exercise, but with a definite purpose. This gives the student a functional reason and motivation to practice their walking skills.

MOVE improves the quality of life for our students and consequently to their families. It allows them to be included in important aspects of family life; this may be, for example, sitting on an ordinary chair at the table in a restaurant rather than in their wheelchair. Other benefits might be being able to stand holding on for a few minutes to enable them to be changed while out and about in the community, rather than requiring a hoist or being lifted out of their chair and on to a changing table. This enables our students to be more independent and to further explore the world around them.

There are many health benefits with the MOVE programme, these include -

  • Increased bone density
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Decreased spasticity
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved digestion

MOVE has added significant educational and inclusive benefits to the students at Mapledown School.

Those with limited head control who were unable to hold their head up to access a switch can now operate appliances independently. This, in turn, has led to improved communication skills enabling students to look directly at a person with whom they are working or playing.

Students can then independently occupy themselves with activities they enjoy which in turn can teach skills, and improve self-confidence as well as self-esteem.

We are very proud of how hard students and staff work on a daily basis. They achieve great things.

Parents and friends who would like to see their child participating in MOVE activities or would like to discuss any part of the MOVE programme should feel free to contact us.

Caroline Garvey

Lucy Myland (trainer)

Tamara Stewart  (trainer)
Tel: 0208 455 4111