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PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display)

• Pragmatic – the ways that we use language socially

• Organisation – words and symbols arranged in a systematic way

 Dynamic Display – changing pages.

PODD is a way of organising whole word and symbol vocabulary in a communication book or speech generating device to provide immersion and modelling for learning. It helps to support communication between pupils with complex communication needs and their communication partners (family, peers, staff and the wider community).

PODD provides our pupils with vocabulary (through words and symbols) for continuous communication all of the time, for a range of messages, across a range of topics and in multiple environments. 

At Mapledown, every pupil has access to PODD through personalised class and/or individual books, hi-tech devices such as iPads, eye-gaze software and interactive whiteboards. Our pupils have a lot to say and PODD gives them even more opportunities to be heard.