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Mapledown @ Copthall

In September 2021 we set up a new provision for up to sixteen students co-located at Copthall Secondary School (Mill Hill) – Mapledown@Copthall.

We cater for students who are able to access learning in a more formal way and who require fewer adjustments or interventions to access education and to succeed. We offer young people a nurturing environment where they can express themselves whilst developing new skills and knowledge.

@Copthall, our ethos and vision are the same as on our Main site: to provide a learning environment for all members of the school’s community, where everyone can work and learn together to achieve their best. We aim to ensure our wonderful and inspiring students are given the dignity of challenge, and opportunities to be heard and become as independent as possible. We are providing learners with a personalised curriculum which is focused on the successful acquisition of knowledge and skills which will have a positive impact on their lives and opportunities.

What do we offer?

* Admission for pupils at secondary transfer (year 7 - KS3), and pupils at KS4/5 with a diagnosis of Severe Learning DIfficulties or Autism, who are able to access subject specific learning (working at least towards Pre-Key stage 1 standards).

* Two fully accessible classrooms and a private playground.

* Access to Copthall secondary school’s fields, outdoor gym equipment and food technology room. 

* Weekly access to the local community extensively, with regular swimming sessions at Copthall leisure centre.

* Regular access to sports and competitions at Saracens’

* Visiting sports coaches and football sessions at Power League. 

* Weekly to Mapledown main site to access rebound, cycles or the grounds, as well as whole school events as they occur (performances, concerts, etc).

* Pupils are supported by staff who are committed to supporting young people  with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

* High levels of staffing ensure pupils are safe.

*Staff expertise enables KS3 pupils to develop the skills they require to begin their secondary educational journey, and KS4 pupils to transfer the skills they have acquired at the main site.

Therapy provision:  The @Copthall provision is supported by Mapledown school’s Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist. 

Curriculum: We offer a curriculum which is adapted to meet the particular needs of the pupils who attend the school. 

Successful specialist strategies:

  • Physical Programmes are designed by specialists and support pupils to develop their physical, motor and functional skills. Specialist Equipment ensures that pupils can access their environment and learning opportunities. It may include the use of work chairs or walking frames as appropriate to the needs of our students.

  • Total Communication is a combination of specialist communication approaches to facilitate and develop expressive and receptive language. We include Makaton Signing, PODD and PECs.

  • Attention Building activities are used to develop attention, communication, and social interaction skills. It aims to inspire spontaneous communication by offering an irresistible invitation to learn.

  • ICT and Assistive Technology is used to enable pupils to have control over their environment, to increase sensory awareness, to develop communication and make choices, to engage in social interactions and to play and have fun.

* Mapledown @ Copthall - Pursley Road NW7 2EP, 020 8906 6319