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Mapledown School

Mapledown School

Key Stage 3  &  Post 14

Key Stage 3

The Curriculum at Mapledown is designed to meet the wide range of individual needs of our students.
Students within KS3 have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes the National Curriculum, where programmes are moderated and differentiated according to need. There is a three year cycle which maps out the Modules/Themes to be taught. Long term Planning Grids have been produced and these are supported by modules and schemes of work. The following subjects are taught:
Personal, Social ands Health Education and Citizenship
Sex education
PE (including MOVE)
Creative arts
Modern Foreign Languages
All students have Key Personal Learning Targets (KPTL) and Key skills are identified that are taught regularly.
The Mapledown curriculum model is centred on our KPLT’s/Key Skills/Core Curriculum and has Modules to provide breadth and access to the full range of National Curriculum Subjects. We have calculated that approximately 75% of our timetable is dedicated to our 'Core Curriculum'.

Post 14

As students move in to the Post- 14 department they are offered more vocationally based opportunities. Links with local colleges are established, leisure opportunities are explored and practical life skills are developed. At the same time, basic literacy, numeracy and ICT skills continues to be taught.
We have identified nine broad learning themes which will form the basis of our curriculum and learning plans.
Mobility & Fitness
Social Skills
Daily Living and Independence
Functional Literacy
Functional Numeracy
ICT Skills
Creativity & Leisure
Citizenship and Work Related Learning
Environmental Awareness
Cultural, Ethical and Spiritual Awareness
Our weekly timetables ensure that we cover each of these themes and dimensions through:
Key Skills sessions
Circle Time & School Council
Hydro/MOVE/PE/Swimming/Rebound Therapy
PSHE – New Horizons and Sex Education Schemes of Work
ASDAN – Towards Independence
RE Schemes of Work and daily Acts of Collective Worship
Use of Community trips/Action for Kids/Work Related Learning & Business Enterprise programmes
College Links
A five year cycle of termly topics to give breadth and choice to learning particularly in regard to creativity, leisure and environmental awareness
Our curriculum is enriched by a wide range of opportunities to make educational visits to the local community and to places of interest in London and beyond. Students regularly participate in cultural and creative events both in school and off-site. Mapledown provides a range of sporting and well-being opportunities including the access to specialist teachers eg yoga, tai chi, karate

For any other information please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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020 8455 4111