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Code of Conduct

The Governors’ expectations are that all pupils receive the highest possible quality of teaching and learning within a positive and respectful environment. It is important, therefore, that employees and workers understand that their own behaviour and the manner in which they conduct themselves with their colleagues, pupils, parents and other stakeholders sets an example and affects the Mapledown school environment. 

The Governors recognise that the majority of employees and workers always act in an appropriate, professional manner and treat others with dignity and respect. However, we consider it important to make clear the standards we expect so that breaches, misunderstandings and/or misinterpretation of rules are kept to a minimum. This Code is intended to set out our expected standards of conduct, our rules and values. It applies to all employees and workers, regardless of status. It is not an exhaustive compilation of what employees and workers can and cannot do but it is hoped that it will ensure everyone is clear about what is acceptable and what is not. 

The Code is binding on all school employees. It is expected also that other workers deployed within Mapledown school who are employed by external Agencies or the London Borough of Barnet will adhere to its principles. Similarly, volunteers are also expected to adhere to the principles set out in the Code and should consider themselves to fall into the category of ‘worker’ whilst with Mapledown school for that purpose. Breaches of the Code and the standards expressed within it may result in disciplinary action against employees, including dismissal for serious offences. We hope, of course, that such action won’t be necessary and that all employees and workers will ensure that they read the Code and act in accordance with its requirements, standards, and expectations at all times. 

For the full code of conduct please download it below or contact the school.