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FREE course for parents/carers of pupils with complex access needs, PMLD & AAC users

This course is aimed at supporting parents/carers with literacy learning and text exposure in the home.  It is a complimentary two hour session and compliments the training we have funded for professionals over the past academic year.  To find out more & sign up for your place go to our website HERE.

Following several successful training courses for teachers & professionals held through
the year, we are excited to offer an opportunity for parents & carers of students with
PMLD, AAC users and pupils with significant disabilities / complex access needs to take
part in this complimentary workshop.
The workshop aims to develop your confidence in encouraging literacy learning and
text exposure in the home environment.
There will also be an opportunity to ask
questions and discuss your own experiences.
Success for children with complex learning needs is significantly enhanced by a strong
partnership between school and home, open & honest communication and a mutual
understanding of the power of the school/home relationship.
With the expertise of both Marion Stanton and Dr.Sarah Moseley we hope that this
workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about the importance of literacy & a
text rich environment as well as offering practical advice and signposting to useful