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MOVE Day: 27th June 2022

Theme: Save the Planet


Please dress your child in the colour green!


MOVE Day is an annual event for schools to celebrate the achievements of everybody involved in the MOVE Programme. This year’s theme is a chance for us to not only have a fun day practising MOVE skills with our students, but also provides an opportunity to explore activities that are good for the planet and celebrate nature, which is more important now than ever!


What is the MOVE Programme?

MOVE is an activity-based programme that teaches disabled children independent movement. It uses a combination of education, therapy and family to help children reach their potential.


How does it work at Mapledown School?

We set functional physical goals for our pupils alongside families which will enhance their quality of life. These goals are set and reviewed at EHCP review meetings and form their targets for the year. Each MOVE pupil receives a programme with activities linked to these goals which are incorporated throughout the school day by the child’s class team and can be used at home. MOVE also provides an assessment system which helps us monitor your child’s physical progress.


How do our therapists support the MOVE Programme?

The therapy team works alongside school staff to ensure that pupils have the necessary equipment in place and that staff are trained to help them achieve their MOVE targets.


We look forward to a fun and action-packed day on Monday 27th June!


Many thanks,

The team at Mapledown School