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Student Support

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Mapledown School was able to fully re-open in September 2020, following a period of partial closure from March to July 2020. 

However, as the country continues to face COVID-19 cases, in the event that anyone at school should be diagnosed as COVID positive, the school may have to close a class or a bubble for up to 14 days at a time. When this happens, your teacher will be in touch and will provide you with access to remote learning. In addition, we have a range of downloadable documents and zip files full of general ideas of things to do at home for our students. All the information will not be relevant to every student because our wonderful students are individual and unique and so please understand that you might have to adapt the ideas or pick and choose which ones are suitable for your child. 

All the files and pdf's are at the bottom of this page

Please still feel free to contact individual teachers via email if you need help with the contents.

You can also email ideas and links to

Links to helpfull websites:

Learning English

Educational Recourses SEN

Julia Donaldson and Friends: A Squash and a Squeeze on facebook!

One student has been doing Peter and the wolf with his family, they have been doing the David Bowie narrated version which you can find here:

The Sensory Projects

Beat the Covid Blues

Learning disability England