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Mapledown School

Mapledown School

Student Manifesto

I feel safe and I am recognised as a unique and special person who is always treated with respect by adults.

My privacy and dignity are protected and my personal care needs are handled with sensitivity. Staff understand that I really don’t like having to be cared for in this way and I am given as much time as I need to do things on my own.

I don’t get pushed or pulled – guide me gently and only hold on to me if I ask for it or if you really have to.     I am treated like any other young person please don’t call me pet names I am given real choices and time to make those choices. Staff talk to me and not about me. I’m not invisible. Staff speak softly and don’t shout at me. 

My attempts to communicate may need to be guided and shaped so that everyone can understand me – give me some tools. I have access to simple and complex technologies that help me say what I want. I am listened to – my views matter. My behaviour is often my attempt to communicate – I am not just being ‘naughty’.  It can be frustrating being me.  

My achievements and learning are recognised, shared and celebrated. Make me feel good and be proud of what I can do.The day is interesting and varied - lessons are interesting and fun and relate to my special learning needs.Staff enjoy being around me – my school feels like a lively, friendly place.There is a place I can go to where I can be by myself – sometimes I need space.There are lots of good outdoor spaces that are accessible to me.I enjoy my meals.The school is well equipped and looks great. It’s warm or cool and comfortable.I can get out and into the community – learning can happen in all sorts of places.There are lots of chances to meet and make friends. Staff do not give up on me – ever!