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Mapledown School

Mapledown School

SEN - Day to day in quarantine

Hello everyone!

I hope this post finds you well in these trying times.

My name is Gosia and I am one of the teachers at Mapledown school. I know how difficult the situation must be for many parents out there and I am also having to self isolate with my son, who also has Special educational needs. And so, I would like to use this as an opportunity to do something positive for you all!

I want to share my day to day life with my son in quarantine, to show you how we are dealing with this lockdown and trying to make the best of it. I want to support and encourage you to try these activities too and have fun and learn with your children :)


a good opportunity to strengthen hand muscles by rolling, squeezing, mixing and cutting

Gluten-free pasta recipe 

You will need:
300g Gluten-free flour (or regular flour)
3 Eggs
Tablespoon of oil

This is a good opportunity to strengthen hand muscles by rolling, squeezing, mixing, and cutting.  It's also a very fun sensory activity. 

1. Measure out the flour 
2. In a separate bowl whisk your eggs 
3. Add eggs to flour and mix it
4. Squeeze the mixture to create a smooth consistency and add the oil
5. Divide the mixture into 3 balls 
6. Then roll out each section till its flat 
7. Cut into stripes
8. Prepare the boiling water and add salt 
9. Add your pasta to the water and cook for one minute 
10. Bon Apetit!


Simple water activity for Sunny days


A very refreshing activity to boost motor skills and work on pinch grip.

For this you will need:
A strong plastic bag 
skewers (or very sharp pencil)
A hose (optional)

First, find a place to hang your plastic bag. Then, fill up your bag with water. When the water runs out, you can use a hose. This way we are reusing the bag, and we can have fun for longer! Then give your child the skewer and let them poke holes !!

Enjoy the weather and wet play


Personalised Puzzles

Use your daughters/sons favourite characters, family photos, or old illustrated books and cut them appropriately to the level of difficulty.

At the end, let them tidy up independently if possible. 


Super simple and effective activity for a rainy day. Balloons!

Use different tools to hit and bounce them like wooden, plastic, and metal spoons.

Or use a blanket for an at-home parachute and try to catch them.

Have fun!


Cardboard puzzle

And here is an idea for re-using materials from the number matching activity

Take your toilet rolls and create a tunnel! This activity stimulates hand-eye coordination. You can also use different items to see what sounds they make for example rocks, small sticks, and different size balls! 
You can also use a metal bowl to create louder sound effects.  And at the end fill the bowl with water for extra sensory fun!



Number matching activity with toilet rolls.

Make sure to cut the edges so you can stack the numbers or build a tower.


Welcome Back!

It's time to restore our energy with some yoga ! Or any other exercise you would like! For example, jumping, playing with ribbons or following an exercise video on YouTube! 

Whatever works for you!

Day 4 - Sensory baking

Sensory baking - super simple healthy oat cookies!

1 glass of oats
Hand full of seeds and dried fruit (sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, dried apricots, nuts etc add accordingly to your preferences )
1 egg
1-2 tablespoons of honey

Mix all the ingredients and shape your cookies!

Bake for 15 mins on 150-160° (until golden)



Day 3 - Cleaning

Sensory table cleaning - pure fun!  

An essential activity during quarantine, keeping things clean !!!

This is an opportunity to work on: big and small motor skills, sensory skills and logical thinking as well as understanding of language.
During this activity, ask your child questions like "where is the ... ?" ( e.g. sponge)

Have fun!


Day 2 - Washing up

After breakfast it's time to wash up! It's a great way to work on our independence, motor and sensory skills! Always supervise your child for their safety (and the safety of the dishes!)



Day 1 - Breakfast

Breakfast is an amazing opportunity to work on our kids independence!

Let them prepare their own breakfast. It's fun for them and they will be motivated because they're hungry :)  They will work on their hand and eye coordination, logical thinking and motor skills.