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Mapledown School

Mapledown School

Music Therapy

Mapledown School offers music therapy 2 days a week on a referral basis.
Music Therapy is the use of sound and music within an evolving relationship between the student and the therapist. The Music Therapist is a state registered professional with the Health Professions Council. Both student and music therapist are actively involved in music making and they use sounds and music as a vehicle to communicate.
The primary aim is not to teach the student to sing or play an instrument. The main aims of the sessions are to facilitate changes in any of the following areas:
  • behaviour
  • communication
  • self esteem
  • self awareness
  • awareness of others
  • attention and concentration skills
  • memory skills
  • emotional well being
  • physical well bbeing
    usic therapist may also support the student in the following areas:
    • Transition to Mapledown School
    • Transition from Mapledown School to college
    • Family music therapy sessions
    Contact: Alexandra Georgaki