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Code of Conduct

Over the years Mapledown has developed a number of policy documents and statements that have sought to define and improve our working practices. This Code of Conduct attempts to summarise and capture all of these documents in a simple set of bullet points which can be used at Induction and serve as a simple reminder of what the school expects from all staff at Mapledown. 

Mapledown School Code of Conduct

We will:

  • Be role models - our personal attitudes and behaviour matter
  • Serve pupils and their families with dedication and full respect
  • Make sure learning takes place in every situation
  • See and treat pupils as individuals with the same rights as us
  • Safeguard pupils and remain vigilant – we will report any concern
  • Be prepared to ‘blow the whistle’ on any malpractice
  • Maintain confidentiality at ALL times
  • Work together to provide a Safe and Healthy working environment
  • Do all we can to make sure we understand our job roles and duties
  • Always behave  respectfully and give respect unconditionally
  • Not indulge in personal disputes and petty work politics
  • Create shared solutions to the daily challenges we face – working together works best
  • Work to and uphold all of the school’s policies and statements – they matter
  • Be open, curious and reflective in our work and believe we can improve and do more
  • Be prepared to accept feedback or criticism to improve our performance
  • Support each other when things go ‘wrong’. Be confident in yourself.
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity at work
  • Not engage in conduct outside of work which could damage the reputation of the school
  • Abide by our ‘Responsible Use of ICT’ at work Policy
  • Be sensible and safety-aware when it comes to our personal appearance. Don’t wear expensive clothes, jewellery that you value or that may be torn from you, inappropriate footwear, hairstyles that ‘invite’ pulling. Think work-smart, comfortable and replaceable.
  • Arrive at school on time and keep to the schedule
  • Be proud to work in a diverse, accepting and inclusive organisation
  • Do our best to uphold and promote ‘British Values’ and work to the DfE’s ‘Professional Standards for Teachers and Support Staff’ (2016) (LSA’s)
  • Our Aims
    Develop our students' communication
    Maximise their personal autonomy & independence
    Enable students to form social relationships
    Encourage maximum mobility
    Prepare students for the opportunities, experiences end responsibilities of adult life
    Promote students' spiritual and moral development
    Broaden students’ range of experiences

Also, read the Mapledown Student Manifesto and our School Improvement plan