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Mapledown School

Mapledown School

Careers Education and Guidance

Almost all of our learners remain at Mapledown until they are 19. Discussions around ‘next steps’ begins at the Year Eight Annual Review. The majority of learners transition into our local FE provider – Barnet & Southgate College who provide specialist SEN courses. Given that all of our learners have a life-long and complex/significant degree of learning disability our approach to Careers Education and Guidance is personalised to suit the specific needs of each individual. In the past, we have been able to find tailored and highly supported opportunities for Work – Experience through local and understanding employers. As the needs of our students have become progressively more complex this has been difficult to sustain. We do, however, find placements should we have students who can gain meaningful learning from Work Experience. This is a small minority of our current student population.

Our curriculum offer includes looking at the World of Work by examining adults at work in various roles who support our students.

The school uses the support of an LA specialist SEN Careers Adviser to help us identify appropriate Work-Experience placements or to help students and their families plan post Mapledown placements. These conversations begin at Annual Reviews from Year Eight onward. The school also has access to a local work-experience coordinator from MENCAP.