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Careers Education and Guidance

Our Careers Leaders are:

Suzi Ainsworth, 020 8455 4111, Learning Zone 4 Team Leader


All our students can remain at Mapledown until they are 19. They take part in a range of activities to ensure that they are well informed and hence able to play an active part in determining their future pathways post-school. As with all areas of learning within the school, these activities are presented to pupils on an individual basis, when appropriate, and take into account their abilities and needs. The school ensures that every young person has the opportunity to access a range of independent advice and guidance to help them to understand their choices when they reach first 14, 16 and then 18 years of age. Discussions around ‘next steps’ begins at the Year Eight Annual Review.


Work related learning is an integral part of the whole school curriculum and more specifically of the PSHE curriculum that is taught to all students as they move through the school. Students are supported to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding that are useful in work. This underpins our whole school curricula. Our curriculum offer includes looking at the World of Work by examining adults at work in various roles who support our students.

All our career information is shared with staff throughout the year within staff meetings, the SDP and SEF processes, with parents annually at Open Day events and coffee mornings, which are attended by Barnet’s career services.

Students access information about the career programme via their discreet sessions, but also via the EHCP annual review process when additional needs may be identified.

Work related learning can therefore take place via classroom-based learning, work place visits, work placements, development of skills for independence and visits to the school by local employers and / or providers. Students have the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills by undertaking specific projects. For some students this will be a chance to develop an awareness of the workplace while for others it will be an 

opportunity to improve skills that may help them to enter the job market at some point in their lives. Our students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of work placements which may include visits to off site venues and guided tours of establishments. Some students however will have more formal work placements through local employers, where appropriate. Students can also access work opportunities both in school, via work experience in various settings (i.e kitchen, office, class, caretaking).


The majority of learners transition into our local FE provider – Barnet & Southgate College who provide specialist SEN courses. Given that all of our learners have a life-long and complex/significant degree of learning disability, our approach to Careers Education and Guidance is personalised to suit the specific needs of each individual.

The school uses the support of an LA specialist SEN Careers Adviser to help us identify appropriate Work-Experience placements or to help students and their families plan post Mapledown placements. These conversations begin at Annual Reviews from Year Eight onward. The school also has access to a local work-experience coordinator from MENCAP.


Each student’s progress in the skills, knowledge and experience related to their post-school options, is assessed by class teachers and recorded within the relevant section of their personal files. This information enables staff to ensure (on an ongoing basis) that every individual is presented with a full range of options and opportunities as they progress through the school.

We measure and assess the impact of the careers programme via ongoing monitoring and staff feedback, photo and video evidence as well as written reports from employers where appropriate. Details of the work experience are also discussed and assessed throughout the year at EHCP reviews, parents consultations, end of year reports and annual end of year Leavers Evening. ASDAN accreditation is also undertaken for all students.